Friday, April 19, 2013

Write a Great Thank You Note

Found at Weddings Beautiful
I am weird, I love to write cards, letters, send snail mail, write thank you notes. I feel like writing a thank you, is such a lost art. We just send a text or {gasp!} write an email.

But getting a card or letter in the mail makes me so happy, I just love to open a card - maybe it's knowing that someone took an extra 10 minutes out of their life to write something to me and spend almost 50 cents to mail it, means a lot.

So, next time you write a thank you card here's a great thank you note formula to help you.

Happy Writing!


Cabot Prestige said...

lovely.. love the way you decorate this blog ..

Elegant Wedding Invitations said...

Really good post, not many of us know what to write in our thank you notes, other than the ever so bland "thank you" Thank you for sharing!

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