Friday, May 24, 2013

Burlap Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board brought to you by Glam Box Weddings
We have just fallen in love with burlap, it's so simple, has so much texture and frankly, is super affordable. So why not?


When we saw this board on Glam Box, I knew we had to share it with ya'll. Don't you just love the Vintage Country Chic Burlap'y wedding? The romance, the simplicity, and the classy rustic feel makes me think I would just love being a guest at this wedding.

What are your thoughts on Burlap? Love it? Hate it? Think it should be left at the Feed Store?


Bentley Wedding Car said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm helping plan my sister's wedding and at first I didn't realize just how much work it takes to plan a wedding!

DreamDay Invitations said...

I love rustic wedding themes, they are ever so pretty and homely and not to mention warm. The best part of this inspiration board is you can use it with so many styles, from vintage chic, rustic charm, country and the list goes on. Burlap is a wonderful eco-friendly material, which would go brilliantly with a similar theme. Add wedding invitations and stationery and green decor as well, and presto, you've got a winner! :D

Wedding Invitations Melbourne said...

Love it, with propper wedding invitation card,nice decoration,happy couples and fun guests it is a great one.

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