Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 50!!!

I was so thrilled to recieve an email from Andrea Contreras at Project Management Training letting me know that our blog, our super fun, widdle blog was named one of the Top 50 Wedding Planning Blogs! Of all of the blogs in all of the world, we were named #2!!! How cool beans is that!

Here is what PMT had to say:

2. Masterpiece Weddings This ace wedding blog is the cream of the crop and the perfect starting place for those who aren’t sure what their wedding style should be.

What makes it the coolest of the cool beans is that we were named with some fab company, the likes of the Awesomely Awesome Susan of The Premier Wedding Guide and Lisa of E-Events and In My Shoes!

Thank you so much to PMT for recongizing us, and listing us amongst such incredible company!

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libbyjames said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve it. Your blog has got it going on! Happy holidays. Enjoy your fame!

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