Friday, January 11, 2013

One Year Cake Smash Ombre

Zachary had a pretty rough first year. And I knew when he turned one, we'd have to "go big or go home" and unfortunately he got sick right around his birthday, so there was no party... but instead, we had an awesome photo shoot. Huge thanks to Kathy from KB Kakes for making an incredible Ombre cake, not once but twice for Z!

And Krystal from Verve Studio for the incredible location and the fab photo's!

As ya'll know, cake smash sessions can go really awesome, or well, the kid can stick his pointer finger in the cake, make a face and you're done, the end.

But Zachary, well, he's an "all in" kinda kid.

Whaaaa, is there something on my face?

Holy, flying frosting batman!

It was awesome.



Wedding Gowns said...

Happy B'day or better said happy first year cute little boy!!!!!

Bridal Accessories said...

Oh how cute is that little one!

siddhant said...

cute baby...lucking so cute..

Sara @ Top Southern Weddings said...

What a cutie!

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circussong said...

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Anna Taylor said...

That is just adorable. He looks very pleased with himself!

Remmily. said...

Happy Birthday To Cute Baby. May You Have many More like this.
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Gina Basin said...

Love the little boy so cute.

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