Friday, July 13, 2012

Bridesmaid Photography


As the saying goes, sometimes it takes an army. (It really doesn't, a good wedding planner can get you into your gown lidkey split)

But this makes for a great picture of all the bridesmaids together for a more unposed picture. This way you get all the girls getting the bride ready.

HINT: Have all of your Bridesmaids be in their dresses when you get dressed, this way they aren't in PJ pants and a button down T-Shirt for pictures of you getting dressed.


Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

I agree! We had our hair and makeup done together at a salon, and then I had my bridsmaids meet me at the hotel dressed and ready. I love the photos of my bridesmaids helping me get dressed and accessorized before the wedding.

wedding planning education said...

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Sally Johnson said...

Thanks for all of these wedding planning tips! I have been trying to help my daughter plan her wedding and it is hard work. Back when I got married weddings were a lot more simple. Great site!

Amelie said...

i think this photo is great, it's natural, and it shows behind the scenes...beautiful.

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