Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Awkward Family Photos

So, it's your wedding day, and you are imagining dreaming of all of your family being together in one place and your having these incredible images that capture your wedding perfectly!

But, let's talk real life for just a sec.

Humor me.

Sometimes you just don't get that dream image. Sometimes you picture life one way and BAM! Real life slaps you in the face like an overcooked pancake.

I am working on a little project about awkward family pictures, please send them to me! Email me at melissa at masterpieceweddings dot net

I wanna see them!

And just so you know I play fair.... (and the best is yet to come!)

Awkward Family Photo.... Exhibit A - I had Gabriel all dressed up for his brother's Baptism - he loved it. I cut off John's head and Zachary looks like he's a few fries short of, well you know.


wedding photographer said...

yeah, this is fun shot, the kids were not to happy about that!

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