Friday, July 8, 2011

No Wedding Planner

I recently had the opportunity to observe a wedding that didn't have a planner. I really had a hard time not interfering. Like a serious hard time. In fact, in the end, I couldn't not interfere.

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But here were some things that I observed as a by-stander/not their wedding planner/didn't want to take over.

1. The bride wasn't dressed 15 minutes before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. Neither were the bridesmaids. No one knew what to do, they were very sadly lost. No direction, the photographer was snapping pictures, but no one had any clue, when I said, "okay, there is about 10 minutes before we have to have you ladies lined up, let's get ya'll dressed." And then it was chaos... I heard things like "WHAT! 10 minutes!" "Wait, I have to finish my make up!" "Where are my under wear!" and much more.

1.5. The mother of the groom sat down with the regular guests, she didn't know she was supposed to be "special".

2. The flowers were wrong. They were delivered wrong. Not intensely wrong, just the wrong color... But no one knew what to do or how to get a hold of the florist. Luckily, I had the florists cell phone number.

3. No one knew how to line up, there was no direction, I wound up getting everyone lined up and cue'ing the musicians.

3.5 The muscians didn't know when to play and not to play, the guests sat to no music at all. She had no music to play, didn't know what to play or that she should. (she was a friend)

4. The musician had no clue when to start and stop the music. When the bride and groom made it back down the aisle, she stopped playing and the guests left the chapel in silence.

5. The guests had no idea there was even a reception or how to get there.

6. At the reception, the DJ had to run everything, because the bridal party, family and venue had no idea, there was no timeline, and just plain unorganized.

7. The bride and groom came up to me like 40 times to thank me. Because they had no clue what they were doing.


matrimony said...

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Lauren @ ELD said...

AWESOME post! Every single bride needs to read this!!!

Chelle {Priority One} said...

Wow! Very eye opening for the DIY Warrior Bride. Thanks for sharing your observations!

sarah - dodeline design said...

As a bride currently planning a small wedding without a planner, I really appreciate this. I think the day-of planner idea I'd been kicking around is a definite must...

Unknown said...

totally agree! i firmly believe my wedding would have crashed and burned without coordinators.

best hire of the wedding? i think so.

Nicole | Wedding Flowers Co said...

and only as by-stander you noticed all this!! great observation, every DIY bride should read your post. Thanks! Nicole XO

kennady said...

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CNY Select DJs said...

Great post! As a DJ, I love the opportunity to work with a professional planner. I've done many, many weddings without a planner, and indeed I step into the role of coordinating formalities. I don't mind doing it in the least, and I get joy from helping bring someones day together. I love my job and get great satisfaction when someone's reception flows seamlessly. That said, working with a planner frees me up to focus my time on being the Master of Ceremonies and catering to their music. I wish more couples opted to use a professional planner. Thanks for the good reading! -Kirk
CNY Select DJs - Syracuse, NY

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