Thursday, May 26, 2011

My First Wedding: Intern Rachael

Hey! I'm Rachael and I just started interning for MasterPiece Weddings this summer. And no surprise here, I LOVE it! I just worked my first wedding this past weekend, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on my perspective.

I have been to several weddings over the years, but I have never seen the behind-the-scenes of how a wedding comes to be. Let me just tell you, it takes A LOT of coordination, more than you think. But that is what MasterPiece Weddings is for, to take away the bride's stress on her wedding day and make sure she has absolutely nothing to worry about. And it is totally worth it.

Here's a sneak peak photograph of the beautiful bride and groom, Patsy and Jon, thanks to Powers Photography!!

It was so incredibly awesome to see everything I was working on in the past few weeks come to life (and Melissa working on the past year and half). I loved setting everything up and helping the bride with her every need. These could be the simplest of things such as making sure her and the groom's drinks were always full during the reception, which never even crossed my mind before or making sure the vendors were on time - and keeping that in the back of my mind, constantly. I learned a lot, and the wedding was absolutely perfect!

My eyes have been opened and I know there is lots more to see. I can't wait! Stay tuned for more thoughts from me!

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