Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unique Bouquets

Brides have started to add funness and unique'ness to their bouquets, we love this! Here are some funky alternative to artificial flowers—ribbon flowers! Made with ribbon and rickrack in various widths and sizes.

(Picture (Picture 2:

 Seashell Bouquets make for a perfectly beachy wedding!

Picture  Left: Bloomsday Flowers) Picture Right:

 Brooch bouquets! Made from brooches, jewelry, and hair accessories!

Picture Left Pictures Middle and Right:


Lisa said...

I love the wonderful, creative and unique bouquets which any bride would be delighted to carry.

Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

Those seashells bouquets.....Stunning!Actulally,the first time I saw it,and have to admit, it is really something must keep in mind!

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