Monday, December 20, 2010

You never know....

You'll never know who you'll meet. Or when.

You see, I was invited to a birthday party for a dear friend, and I sat down next to a guy that I thought looked as if I could make good conversation with.

Super nice guy, he and his family and friends immediately had me laughing, and the conversation was easy.

I asked him what he did. He said that he was an Event Planner.

I thought, pstcha... whatever. Sure you are. Everyone is an event planner. Whatever.

So then I asked him what type of events he planned, he mentioned some large corporate events, for fashion clients, and large marketing firms.

Okay, sure you do... maybe... maybe you plan something sort of cool like that.

Then he sees me tweeting... he asks me about Twitter... and my blog. And I ask him more about what he does.

Then he casually, and I mean oh so casually, mentioned he'll be on Martha Stewart Radio on Wednesday.


No Biggie.

So, I introduce him to my friend Jen, and now Mark Addison and I are BFF's. And I think he's super cool, and I'll cling glasses with him anytime of day.

Have you met, my friend, the Event Planner in New York, Mark Addison? Mark, meet my blog friends, friends, meet Mark.

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Lindsey Johnson, MS, CHES said...

Love it! I just signed up to follow him on FB and Twitter. Cool. :)

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