Monday, May 10, 2010

Lisa and Ed's Amazing Cambodian Wedding

Lisa and Ed had beautiful Cambodian Wedding, and an American Wedding all in the same day! It started at 5AM and ended well after midnight. It was an exhausting, but incredibly amazing day! Filled with tons of love and laughter!

Lindsey from Pure by Lindsey was there the entire time documenting this beautiful and colorful event! So, I stole some of the event from her blog (with her permission of course)... there is more on her blog, so please check it out! I didn't want post her entire post, it wouldn't give you an excuse to see more!

preview_001 What I would like to do since this was my first Cambodian wedding Ceremony is to explain each part with the photos, piece by piece. Lisa made a gorgeous fan booklet explaining the parts and background, and I am using that as well as what guests have told me to recall so all of my blog readers, who I expect to be as enthralled as I was, to enjoy the symbolism as well. This is Part I of ??? many (hehe). I'll find out as we go, but there are four outfit changes in the Cambodian Ceremony alone, and then they have an equally worthy American wedding the same day to blog about. First, The Origins of Khmer Wedding (italics will indicate parts from Lisa's booklet): Khmer weddings symbolize the legend of the origin of Cambodia and parallels the marriage of the first Khmer prince, Preah Thong, to the naga princess, Neang Neak. The prince was a foreigner exiled from his homeland, and during his travels encountered and fell in love with the naga princess. As a marriage gift, the father of the naga princess swallowed a part of the ocean, and thus formed the land of Cambodia. Because of this background, throughout the day everyone commented how they looked like a prince and princess, and they are adorned with golden jewelry and treated that way all day long. preview_002^--- also my first barefoot ceremony! I actually quite enjoyed walking around barefoot and comfortable in their home!
The Preparation:
preview_003 preview_004 The clothing was amazing. Not only is is made of gorgeous and colorful silks, but much of it is made through simple and skilled folding of the cloth into origami-like shapes. You can see that here, and it was just so stunning on her! preview_006
Hai Goan Gomlah (Groom's Processional)
At the beginning of the day, the bride usually waits at her parents' house while the groom gathers a procession of his family and friends. The procession symbolizes the journey of the prince to meet his bride the princess. The groom's procession approaches the bride's home bearing platters of gifts, usually fruits and desserts, and is led by a band of musicians and singers.
Traditionally, the mai ba (a well-respected member of the bride's family who serves as a representative) comes out to greet the procession. The various fruits and desserts are counted - the more, the better. If found to be satisfactory, the mai ba and ma ha (representative for the groom's party) run through a humorous verbal parlay which ends with the groom and the rest of the procession being invited into the bride's home.
The groom presents the bride with a bouquet and after introductions are made, they exchange rings.
Below, the groom leads his family and many guests out down the street to then travel back symbolically traveling from afar to meet his bride, complete with gifts.
I love the joy. :)
The ring exchange:

Remember there is more on Lindsey's Blog! Check it out!

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