Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Entertaining Tips

New Rule!

Keep it Simple, Stupid...

We recently thew a small party at our house after our son was baptised. And I wanted to just have cake and coffee. Anyone that knows me, would probably interject right now and say, "Melissa, would never throw a party and just have cake and coffee" well they would be right...but... let's get back to task.

Keep it simple, if you are going to serve cake and coffee... premake your coffee and keep it hot, leave it on the oven or carafe your coffee, assume 3 glasses of coffee per person, have a self serve creamer (offer options of flavored non-dairy creamers), several sweeteners, disposable coffee cups, and make hot water for tea, and have 3 tea bag options. This way you don't have slave over it all day. (Simple!)

We actually bought 3 of the boxes of coffee from a local coffee shop, so I didn't have to even make all of the coffee. (Simple!)

And then well, cake! And since you are only serving cake... make sure it's delicious!

(for the official record, I had M&M's, Goldfish Crakers, Garbage Bread and Toasted Nuts in addition to cake...)

Wanna see the cake???

(Gabriel, Me and The Hubs)

Cake was made by KB Kakes... it was more amazing than this photograph portrays....

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