Monday, June 23, 2008

Cake Week Starts.... NOW!

So all this talk about Let's Eat Cake! and that's all I am thinking about - Cake!!!

So, this whole week is going to be dedicated to pastry chefs and wedding cake! We'll talk about what they specialize in, and one of my favorite aspects of each baker.

Keep in mind, each city has it's own gems of talented pastry chefs, so don't be scared taste and beauty are key! They need to look good, but definitely taste good too!
Let's start with Ms. Debbie (not the hostess cupcake baker) but a woman with the same name and the same knack for cake! Her cakes are delicious! She is quite an artist, I love working with her! She moved to North Florida from Miami to slow down, and business has done anything but!

She ships her delicious and amazing chocolate seashells all over the country! They are so realistic, and well, they are chocolate, so Yummmmmmy definitely comes to mind!

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