Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am SO Lucky!

To have made such a fantastic connection with Erin at Lucky Designs! If you haven't ordered invitations from her, you MUST!!!

First, let's tell a story.

There once was a bride named Katie, she was the sweetest but busiest bride there ever was. Katie's fiancee Bradley was in Iraq, being a real life GI Joe. They were totally and utterly in love. And as Katie awaiting her sweet loves return so that they could be wed - she hired this fantastically-beautiful-and-oh so talented wedding consultant, who was fabulous by the way, named Melissa.

Katie didn't know where to start when she hired {the fabulous and oh so beautiful} Melissa, but they quickly got off on the right foot and everything started to fall into place.

When it came time to order her invitations Katie called the most beautiful and talented Wedding Consultant, Melissa to get some advice. Katie came into Melissa's office and really liked the Modern but sophisticated work of the lovely and ubberly talented, Erin.

Katie explained to Erin what she wanted, and Erin quickly returned with 5 samples for Katie to review, each with a uniquely and perfectly original monogram for Katie and Bradley.

Thanks to the fantasticalness we call the internet, they were able to make decisions on their invitations together. Katie ordered them and Erin shipped them, oh so timely!

Katie had to leave to go out of town very unexpectedly, and when she returned to her home she found a sopping wet box from UPS delivered right to her door step. This box was so wet that Katie's heart sunk when she picked it up and it was dripping all the way onto her kitchen table. She didn't even need scissors to open the box, it just sort of fell apart.

Once opened her heart leaped for joy as she saw that Erin had meticulously bubble wrapped and re-wrapped the inner water-proof box to match her invitations. Once Katie opened the box she found more cellophane to protect her dear, dear wedding invitations oh so carefully wrapped.

Then when she looked at her invitations she saw the most beautiful things she ever saw - the perfect shades of lilac and brown - and all of the invitations were addressed and she even included a stamp on the return post card.

Katie literally wept tears of joy as she read and re-read the beautiful invitations that she can call her own.
Thank you Erin for another job well done!

Honestly this pictures doesn't even do the invitation justice,they are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!!

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